ISA National Powerboat Certificate (Level 2)

From: 275.00

Learn how to operate a powerboat in a safe and fun environment! This two-day course is designed for anyone who wants to develop the skills and techniques required for handling a powerboat in coastal waters by day and within sight of land and is conducted in accordance with the standards laid down by the ISA and the RYA.

The ISA Powerboat level 2 certificate should be viewed as the minimum level of training required before anyone uses a power boat on their own.



The course will include:

  • Boat preparation
  • ‘Rules of the Road’
  • Safety and Planning
  • Basic Pilotage and navigation
  • Proper launch and recovery
  • Boat Handling under way
  • The art of picking up a mooring
  • Boat handling in confined spaces/operating in busy marinas
  • Man overboard recovery
  • How to leave and come alongside a dock
  • Anchoring
  • How to tie essential knots: Clove hitch, sheet bend and Bowline

This is just a summary of some of the many areas that are covered on the course and gives the perfect foundation for the safe operation of power boats.

The course will involve both shore instruction and instruction afloat. The vast majority of time will be spent on the water to allow students to gain as much hands-on experience as possible.


Minimum age requirement is 16 and this level 2 course includes all the material from the Level 1 course, so this does not need to be completed in advance.

International Certificate of Competency (ICC)

Tralee Bay Maritime centre offers courses which can be converted to an I.C.C. for power, sail or both. On completion of your course you need to apply to the Irish Sailing Association (ISA), the national governing body for water sports in Ireland to convert your certificate into an I.C.C

If you are going on holiday abroad and want to hire a boat or charter a boat, this is the licence you will need. This licence covers you for any powerboat up to 10m in length with any engine size / configuration, perfect for exploring your holiday destination.

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