Tralee Bay Maritime Centre recognise that in our society certain individuals and groups of people are unfairly discriminated against, both directly and indirectly. They are denied equality of opportunity on the grounds of age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, race, colour, nationality, ethnic/national origin or religious beliefs. We strive to eliminate all such forms of discrimination and to create a climate in which equal opportunities are promoted as a means of developing the potential of everyone who is involved with our organisation. We do this by fulfilling our legal obligations and by taking positive action which goes beyond the requirements of the law, but by avoiding stereotyping and tokenism.

General principles

1.1 Scope

The purpose of this document is to provide guidance on all aspects of equal opportunities at the Tralee Bay Maritime Centre. We are always seeking ways in which we can improve our record on equal opportunities.

1.2 Responsibility

The Management of Tralee Bay Maritime Centre are responsible for ensuring that the policy and the procedures in this document are implemented efficiently and effectively. All staff and volunteers (including voluntary management committee members) are expected to facilitate this process.

1.3 Measures

These procedures list the measures that must be taken in order to fulfil the policy. They must be adhered to at all times. If they are breached, the appropriate procedures (e.g. complaints, grievance or disciplinary) may be used to resolve the problem and to make improvements. Anyone who chooses to take such action will not be penalised by the organisation or treated less favourably as a result.

Employment practice

2.1 General

Tralee Bay Maritime Centre is an equal opportunities employer; optimising on available human resources and ensuring fairness to potential and actual employees.

2.2 Recruitment

Tralee Bay Maritime Centre staff are recruited and selected on objective criteria that test the relevant skills, knowledge, experience, qualifications and personal qualities necessary for posts.

3. Volunteers working in Tralee Bay Maritime Centre

3.1 Overview

The positive and open attitude towards recruitment, selection and day-to-day treatment of Tralee Bay Maritime Centre staff is also extended to our volunteers and the conditions described above therefore also apply to management committee volunteers and other volunteers throughout the club and school.

4. Dealing with harassment

4.1 Our approach

Tralee Bay Maritime Centre is committed to equality and believes that everyone involved with the organisation has the right to freedom from harassment, whether this is on the basis of disability, race, sex, sexual orientation or any other grounds. Tralee Bay Maritime Centre does not condone any harassment whatsoever, whether it is verbal, written, physical, sexual, to person or property, intentional or not. Any such harassment, abuse or victimisation will be dealt with severely and quickly, using the disciplinary procedure in the case of a member of staff and any other appropriate form of action with anyone else.

5. Monitoring and evaluation

5.1 Success of policy

Tralee Bay Maritime Centre monitors, reviews and evaluates the success of its equal opportunities policy and procedures on a regular basis and seeks to make ongoing improvements.

5.2 Feedback

Constructive feedback on this document is always welcome. It must be given to the Principal of Tralee Bay Maritime Centre who will ensure that the management committee of Tralee Bay Maritime Centre considers it.

5.3 Review

This document will be reviewed by the management committee of Tralee Bay Maritime Centre on an annual basis, or sooner if circumstance