Everyone benefits from a respectful & supportive environment. So as instructors or volunteers at TBMC, it is our responsibly to create and maintain such an environment.

Respect in TBMC is divided into two main categories:-

1. Positive Power & Emotion

Simply put, this refers to the “Glass half full” approach. This is especially relevant to course participants for whom things are not going their way. It is up to you to help them focus on the positives of what they’re doing. As a result, any improvement will help build their confidence and lead to a more positive attitude from the participant.

Feeling positive enables participants to advance quicker by increasing their

  • • Awareness
  • • Attention
  • • Memory

All this as a direct result of YOUR positive attitude.

2. Preventing & Reporting Bullying

While covered in more detail in our Child Protection Procedures, bullying & harassment can occur anywhere. It is important to note that no form of bullying will be tolerated at TBMC.

Any instances of bullying or harassment will be dealt with according to the correct procedures and culprits will be dealt with accordingly.

There are a number of things we can all do to help support a respectful & supportive environment:

  • Enjoy the sense of collegiality in our diverse community
  • Be patient / take some time away from difficult situations to reflect.
  • Discuss problems directly with individuals concerned.
  • Treat colleagues with dignity and courtesy and respect individuality and diversity
  • Don’t be afraid to speak out and ask questions – it is acceptable to disagree and have a point of view
  • Ensure all course participants in your care feel comfortable approaching you with any issues.
  • Check with colleagues regularly to ensure they are coping well.
  • Contribute to a friendly workplace, and be sensitive to colleagues wellbeing
  • Ensure you are a supportive colleague and good team player
  • Respect management structures and roles/responsibilities in the Centre
  • Examine your own behaviour, ensure that it is professional and that you remain respectful to all others
  • Recognise your own “off days”
  • Participating in all courses.
  • Maintain a sense of humour
  • Respect the rights of others