The influence of the warm current “gulf stream” and its shelter from all wind directions, yet keeping the option to experience the wild Atlantic makes Tralee bay a very attractive training ground all year round for Performance sailors. TBMC offers the possibility for teams to come and train to progress their racing skills.

Pick the package that suits your team (8 sailors per team maximum)


This is our package suiting a team coming over with their coach and RIB. We are providing the Centre and its facilities (briefing room, changing rooms, showers…)

PRICE: €50 / day


A great package if you don’t have a RIB! You will not find a better offer anywhere to run your training with the addition of a fuelled RIB (safety deposit needed) in addition to the use of our facilities.

PRICE: €100 / day


Depending on the level of coaching support you are requiring, we have two packages on offer.

The Gold Base package is geared up towards young teams looking to get introduced to racing or looking to improve on their racing basics. One of our qualified instructors will deliver the session(s) to your team.

The Gold Plus package is top of the range and caters for an experienced team of sailors looking to perfect advanced racing skills. Our home-based coach has over 15 years of experience coaching some of the best sailors in Ireland (and abroad) and has helped many young sailors to success nationally, internationally and on the Olympic circuit. The gold plus package is for 6 sailors maximum


PRICE: €200 / day (GOLD BASE)
PRICE: €300 / day (GOLD PLUS)