Maritime Library Club

The objective of the Maritime Library Club is to improve one’s boating and nautical knowledge across the board in all aspects of boating.

We operate a small, but up to date, boating related library, on a non purchase basis for the benefit of anyone who wants to gain more knowledge in the marine sphere.

How it Works

Membership – 12 months, calendar year.
Normal rate: €100 per annum.
Special offer to commence book club for 2018 only:
First 50 members pay €50 for annual membership.

10% approx (rounded to nearest Euro) of value of book will be deducted from membership fee for rental of each book or DVD. If returned on time and in good condition. If book or DVD is damaged, then the full value of the book or DVD will be deducted from the membership fee and the member can keep the book or DVD.

Each member will have to maintain a minimum of €20 in his/her account at all times.

When taking a book on loan, one must sign for it and, also, sign it back in upon it’s return. If it is not signed back in, you will be liable for it, if it is missing from stock.

Returns can be to Tralee Bay Maritime Centre in Fenit or to O’Sullivans Marine in OSM Park in Monavalley Business Park in Tralee.

Proceeds from the book club will go towards purchasing more books. The intention is to build a substantial library of books over time. The level of support given will determine how long this will take.

Members, and indeed anyone, can donate books to the club. In fact, we would humbly request that you look at your supply of books at home and ask that you consider donating some of them to the library club.

We hope you avail of this opportunity and support the concept fully.