Practical course.

Duration: up to 4 hours.

Cost €50.00

Course Content:

The last thing anyone wants to happen during a boat ride is for the outboard engine to stall or malfunction, causing the boat to be stranded in middle of the sea. Not only is this a cause of stress and panic, it can also cost a great deal of money to tow the boat back to port. While all boating enthusiasts are bound to come across outboard engine problems at some point, it does not mean that they should remain unprepared. In such situations, the best tool anyone can have is troubleshooting know-how. Being familiar with common outboard engine problems and how to fix them eliminates the hassle of delayed trips and boat towing expenses. It is crucial for any boater, whether veteran or rookie, to have a good understanding of outboard engine troubleshooting before taking a boat off port.

The course teaches how to deal with common Outboard Motor problems:

  1. Engine Does Not Start
  2. Overheating
  3. Excessive Vibration of the Outboard Engine
  4. Improperly-Turning Propeller
  5. Engine Suddenly Cuts Off
  • Additional Maintenance Tips
    Keeping the outboard motor in tip-top shape not only reduces the occurrence of common problems but also allows the engine to last longer. Here are some helpful tips for maintaining the peak condition of an outboard motor.
  • Right Fuel usage
  • Regular Maintenance Checks
  • Replacing an Outboard Motor
  • Buying Outboard Motors with Confidence


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