Start Yachting

From 300.00



Duration: One Weekend, Sat 09.00 – Sunday 16.00, or Fri 09.00 – Sun 16.00

This Irish Sailing course is run over a weekend and is really designed to give you a taste as to what sailing on a yacht is all about. No previous sailing experience is required. The course introduces the student to the fun, relaxed elements of sailing on a yacht, and you will learn how to start the engine, steer the yacht, hoist and work the sails, learn the principle of how sailing works and learn a few knots too. By the end of a weekend on a Start Yachting Course you will no longer feel like just a “passenger” on a sailing yacht. Our friendly instructors will have you completely at ease throughout the weekend. The course can be undertaken with one night onboard or two nights onboard, its up to you. If you’ve enjoyed the course and want to continue on to Competent Crew, you only need to complete the required days to have spent a total of 5 days onboard.

Whats included:  Tuition, accommodation onboard, food, fuel, marina fees and use of our offshore waterproof clothing.

Whats not included:  Sleeping Bag, Footwear, Towel, Personal Toiletries, Changes of Clothes, and Pocket Money for a beer or a soft drink.


Download Course Syllabus